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When betting Proline it is important to realize that Proline was created to make money for the Ontario Government.  The odds given on proline are very poor compared to real sportsbooks giving the government a big “house edge” or advantage over the bettors.

While Proline may be fun, you are LOSING MONEY by betting Proline rather than at a REAL online sports betting site (such as the most popular Bodog.eu). Although you may only be betting a toonie or five bucks each Proline ticket, it adds up in the long run. Why not be smart and get the best of your money?  Click here to check out my favorite sports betting site…

Below We Share Secrets on How To Earn More Money For Your Dollar!

Proline is a neat provincial betting system that many people like to use, but we are about to show you why you are making a mistake betting Proline instead of at a real sports betting site.

We have created an example below that uses five MLB games that are from August 29th, 2011.

On the left we have the Proline betting slip choosing five MLB baseball games and on the right we have a betting slip from Bodog.eu choosing the same fives games. Check out the difference in the payout.

As you can see, for the same wager of $10 the online sports betting site Bodog.eu pays out $165 more than Proline does….

Every time you win a Proline ticket you would be winning A LOT more money if you had bet it online. Think how much money you are losing out on… if you understand the difference sign up now at Bodog.eu – if you don’t feel free to read on to find out all of the reasons you should be betting online!


Why I HIGHLY Recommend Bodog.eu over Proline:

#1 FASTER PAYOUTS – Online Sportsbooks payout their winners as soon as the games are completed and confirmed. When player’s withdrawal their money can be in their hands within hours depending on the method used. With Proline winners must usually wait until the next morning and if the winnings are big you must go through a lengthy process to claim their winnings due to the government involvement.

#2 MORE CONVENIENT – If you have access to the internet you can place a sports bet online, 24/7. Not to mention some betting sites have a mobile sites that allows you to place bets from your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone. How cool is that? Say goodbye to driving to the store to place your bets.

#3 ANY SIZE WAGERS – Proline has a minimum bet of $2, and also have certain increments you must follow. At an online sportsbook you can bet as little as $1 and can bet any amount up to a couple thousand if you want to!

#4 NO PAPER TICKETS – Have you ever lost or even just misplaced your winning Proline ticket – it sucks! When betting online you won’t need to worry about that at all.

#5 BETTER ODDS = MORE MONEY – The online sportsbooks offer fair odds that you would find in a Las Vegas sportsbook. Compare the Proline odds vs an online betting sites odds for any game and you will see a big difference (it adds up big time over time too). If the Leafs are paying 1.70 on Proline chances are they are paying 1.95 or more online.

#6 NO RULES LIMITING YOUR CHANCES TO WIN – Proline has made rules which makes it a lot harder for bettors to win. With Proline people must bet in a Parlay choosing from 3-6 games. Online sportsbooks allow you to bet however you want – you can choose single games or parlay 10+ games if you want… no restrictions!


While Proline allows only 6 selections, at Bodog.eu you can make massive “parlays” that have huge payouts. Check out this 12 pick parlay that pays $20,897 on a $10 bet. Click here to check it out.

What is Proline?

Proline is a sports betting system, ran by the Ontario government. In Proline bettors must select and predict outcomes for 3 to 6 sporting events. These games are based on a list of events and odds for various outcomes. Bettors must be correct on all your games played to win. People can wager a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $100. The sports available for wagering are hockey, American and Canadian professional football, American college football, American college basketball, baseball, and European soccer.

While a lot of Canadian residents play Proline, it is not as profitable as it can be because of the odds given. Proline is a company that makes money for the Ontario government. The odds given by Proline are not the best for your money, making the Ontario government a profit in the end.

For example, this NHL game has the Proline odds for the Montreal Canadians at 1.7. An online sports betting site would have odds for Montreal set around 2-2.1 making more for your money. Although Proline is very exciting to play, we have a betting method that will offer you better odds, resulting in bigger winnings!

What are Online Sportsbooks?

Online Sportsbooks are a lot like the Proline system, but offer many more advantages. Sportsbooks are online sport betting services which are offered at the comfort of your own home. They provide odds for every sport, and event happening in the world today. There are no limitations on how many games you can bet, with a minimum wager of one dollar. All bets can be placed online minutes before game time. With lots of experience and time we have found that Bodog.eu is the number one online betting site on the Internet today.

There are also many other online sportsbooks that are also very good and offer different bonuses to suit your needs. If you want to start winning more money on your sporting events, online betting is the way to go. Not only do they have better betting odds then Proline, but it is quick, convenient, and exciting!

Sports betting is extremely popular world wide and constantly growing. It is time for all sports fans to jump into the action (responsibly of course). Sport betting provides added excitement and the chance of winning big amounts of money – more fun than playing the lottery or even casino games in my opinion.

Bodog even offers a mobile betting app so you can place your wagers anywhere. Check out the screenshot from my iPhone below…


There are two of us (Kevin and Cory) running this Proline Predictions website. We have been betting on sports for numerous years now, and constantly making a profit. We will try and update the pages on this Proline Predictions site with our predictions for each sport.

Our daily picks are available on our NHL Predictions page, NFL Predictions page, MLB Predictions page, Soccer Predictions page, our College Basketball Predictions page, and lastly our College Football Predictions page.