NHL Predictions

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The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the Professional Sporting Leagues in North America that has gained the support of many fans around the world. Every team in the NHL is set to play 82 games with the same goal of finishing high enough in their Conference for a chance to play in the NHL Playoffs. Once the team’s advance into the Playoffs, they will strive to eliminate each other in a best of seven series to enter the Stanley Cup Finals. The team to win four games first in the Stanley Cup Finals will be rewarded the Stanley Cup trophy for the summer.


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Here at Proline Predictions we want to provide you with the most facts about the NHL Season. We do this by providing in-depth reports, Betting Odds, and our input on certain NHL Predictions throughout the season. We have been analyzing and Sports Betting for many years now and want to help share the wealth among all other Sports Bettors. With a brand new season ahead, our team is focused in providing NHL Predictions.

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Betting on the NHL Season:

The Proline Predictions team is your number one resource for all information regarding the NHL season. Many people enjoy using Proline, however this has its limitations and does not offer you the Best Odds for your money. Proline is an Ontario Government Betting system, which offers lower odds then Online Sports Betting. Proline also offers limitations on how many games you can bet on and the wager amount. For more reasons why people choose Online Sports Betting over Proline check out our Homepage.

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The NHL Season is set to be a dandy with all teams having an equal chance at Lord Stanley. If you are interested in making money from the NHL Season the first step is to sign up for an Online Sports Book. Many people are unaware of the benefits Online Sports Books have to offer, and then the second crucial step involves educating yourself with the NHL Betting options. Incase our readers do not understand we will give a brief explanation of each NHL Betting option.

Different Types of NHL Betting

NHL Money Line Betting

The most popular and easiest type of NHL Bet involves using the Money Line technique. To win the wager the player must choose the winning team. There is a favorite and an underdog between the two competing teams. If you picked the favorite (the team with a better chance of winning) and it wins, the payout is lesser compared to picking a winning underdog team (the team with a tougher chance of winning).

Puck Line

The Puck Line or also dubbed, as the Canadian line is the least popular of all the Betting Types in the NHL. This way of placing a wager betting is a combination of the Money Line and the Point Spread. The favorite team has -1.5 spread in which they must cover in order to win the puck line wager.

A bet on the favored team means that they must win by a margin of 2 or more goals to win the wager, while a bet on the underdog which has a +1.5 spread means to win the wager the team must win the game outright or lose the game by a goal.

Over/Under or Total Betting

In Total Betting or Over-Under Odds, a number is set by various sportsbooks (usually 5 or 5.5 in hockey) and the bettors must choose whether the total number of goals scored by both teams is either higher or lower than the number set.

If you stumble across with a total of 5, the total points of the two teams after a game should be at least 6 goals if you bet over, otherwise you are looking for combined scores of 4 or less if you bet under.

Future NHL Betting

NHL Future Betting is perhaps one of the most exciting ways of placing a bet on an event and offers the players many choices on placing their bets. This method involves placing a bet on an event that may have an outcome that will be decided in the future, or even after the season ends.

Future Bets can be on teams, players or events during the season, playoffs and even next season. Examples of NHL Future bets on teams include: a team winning the Stanley Cup, Conference, or Division, a team making the playoffs. Examples of NHL Future bets on players include: winning a trophy or an award. Remember that a future bet may take a long time before a result is produced so it is not wise to let your bankroll get tied up with this.

NHL Prop Betting

Proposition Bets or Prop Bets bear some similarities with Future Bets, but have different wager opportunities on events usually during a live game. A Prop Wager can be in the form of a rookie scoring a goal on his debut game in the NHL, a team scoring the first goal in the game, a team taking the lead in a particular period of the game, or a player registering an assist.

Now that Bettors know all of their options when betting on the NHL it is time for Proline Predictions to share our secret of the Best Sports Betting method below.

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Best Sports Betting Method:

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