NHL Predictions

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The National Hockey League is approaching playoff time with only a handful of games left to finalize the standings. It is a very close race this year in the Eastern and Western conference to see who will fight for this year's Lord Stanley. The NHL playoffs is a great way to benefit on your predictions! Here at ProlinePredictions we care about our web viewers and want them to capatalize on our secrets leading to great success for the 2010-11 playoffs.


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Here at Proline Predictions we want to provide you with the most information possible. We do this by providing in-depth team analysis, betting odds, and our free input on certain NHL predictions throughout the season. We have been analyzing and sports betting for years now and want to help share the wealth among all other sports bettors. With only a few games left in the season we want to take the focus to the 2010-2011 NHL Playoffs where the real cash can be made!


Betting on the NHL 2010-2011 Playoffs:

Our Proline Predictions team is your number one resource for all information on the 2010-2011 playoffs. Although it is a very tight race this year to make the playoffs, we have been analyzing every combination possible. Many people enjoy using Proline, however this has its limitations and does not offer you the best odds for your money. Proline is an Ontario Government betting system which offers lower odds then online sportsbetting. Proline also offers limitations on how many games you can bet on and the wager amount. For more reasons why people choose online sports betting over proline check out our Homepage.

The 2010/2011 playoffs are set to be a dandy with all 16 teams evenly matched. If you are interested in making a profit for this years playoffs, online sportsbooks are the way to go. Many people are unaware of the benefits online sportsbooks have to offer. One of our favorite choices are the future bets. Future bets allow bettors to place a wager on various options. These options include: who will win their division, who will win the conference, who will win the playoff scoring race, and finally who will win the Stanley Cup. These bets can payout a huge profit for a wager of only $1. The future bets are only one betting option that we touch on, bettors are still able to wager on individual games, scorers, over/unders etc. The online betting sites have odds listed for every single team in the NHL for winning this years Stanley Cup (to read more about online sportsbook and how they work click here)


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NHL Futures:

The NHL is down to the last stretch of games before playoffs. The rosters are now finalized and all of the commotion is settling down now that the All Star Break and Trade Deadline Day are over with. That being said NHL teams are still battling it out trying to seal a playoff spot for their run for Lord Stanley. With NHL games regularly happening it gives sports betters something to look forward to.

Daily NHL games are fun to bet on, but online sportsbooks allow you to bet on the futures of the NHL. In doing so bettors can place wagers on who they think will be Eastern/Western Conference Champions, as well as the Stanley Cup Champion. In the next couple of weeks we will provide a detailed analysis for our choices on who this years Stanley Cup contenders will be. At the end of every analysis we will provide the online sportsbook odds, explain how to do it, and provide an example. So in the meanwhile signup for an online account and check back here for your detailed team summaries to help you become a winner for the 2010-11 season!